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Lets ACT!! 4-HER   The 4HER movement is a grassroots initiative that is participatory in nature and utilizes the expertise and tools that are respected by the target community for purposes of galvanizing support towards the eradication of beading and the promotion of girls’ education. The project endeavors to spur change through a culturally sensitive, human rights-based approach that promotes collective abandonment of the practice with men, boys and communities taking a lead.

What your support means
$ 5 worth a month of the much needed sanitary towels.
$10 worth of exercise books for one girl for the entire school term.
$10 for two solar lamps.
$15 worth of 500 brochures in the vernacular language.
$20 to host a community forum to discuss the dangers of beading and promoting girls education.
$50 to print 500 posters.
$ 100 to host a 30 minutes radio talk show.

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